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How would I go about connecting iPhone SD card readers? in a parallel circuit or series and should I have I/O switch between them? Answered

So I've had an idea on my mind for quite a while but haven't really gotten the time to try it. I've always had trouble with storage space on an idevice and with Apples security and whatnot they don't make it easy to make your own OTG cable or connect just any flash drive, it has to be specialized and they look like the connectors could snap off in your iPhone/iPod/iPad, you get the point. So anyways I thought what if I made a case with ~3 SD card slots for an iPhone or iPod, I'm sure people would buy it. I'm not the best with circuitry and such so I wanted to know if anyone knew whether or not I could connect 2-3 iPhone SD card readers in a parallel circuit or series, and if I should have an I/O switch between them as to not pull too much power off the device?

If someone wants to design and build the PCB, or just make a schematic, I can 3D model the case and if you want to we could go further with it as I'm aiming to become an inventor/entrepreneur. I was originally thinking I'd buy a few iPhone-SD readers off amazon and remove the case and splice them into a parallel/series, but if its not for personal use idk how it'd work with patents and stuff.

P.S. I haven't personally used or gotten an SD reader. Also this is my first post so if I included to much/little info please tell me for future reference


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