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How would I go about making a fire pit table like the one's sold at lowes? Answered

I am looking at making one of the fire pit type tables sold at lowe's and other stores. Have access to cheap steel and cheap aircraft grade aluminum up to .375 in thickness.



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11 years ago

I'm going on lemonie's description here but suspending a barbecue in the middle of a table would be simple, suspend it with metal supports or maybe just have it on legs with a hole in the table, reason being is that it would over the years wreck the wood. If it's just a little fire pit rather than a fully fledged barbecue a pressed steel bucket would do the job, basically a big steel cup with a wide rim suspended on the table would do the job. In all honesty it's a hole in a table, which you put a fire pit/barbecue/Fishtank/Hobbit in..