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How would I go about making a half mask like the lower part of Snake Eyes' mask in the Rise of Cobra movie? Answered

In the movie his mask is basically a black visor and the lower half is all one piece of black matte plastic, but it's formed to the face with lip detail and everything. Is there a relatively easy way I could replicate this effect without getting into the big long process of making a mold of my own face and then forming plastic to it?

No rush or anything, just thought it might make a fun project.


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11 years ago

The super-easy low tech way would be to go to a craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby and buy one of those plain white blank masks that they use for decorating projects.  You can usually find them in several sizes, one of which is life-sized. Many of them have a feminine sculpt, but more neutral or masculine-looking ones can also be found without too much trouble. Cut off the lower part of the mask and paint it matte black.