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How would I trigger a solenoid from a timer pulse, either from a 555 or the output of an electronic metronome? Answered

Emphasis on cheap and easy. Small and portable (battery powered) also are big plus. Basically the solenoid- triggered either from a 555 or headphone out of a metronome (which would be easier?) would tap the table (or other object) to the beat. (I'd love to tape this to my drummers head!)



10 years ago

Building something using a 555 and transistor would be pretty easy if you know what you are doing. If the metronome works by blinking and LED, you can replace the LED with a low-voltage relay (an AQV210EH) which is basically a type of opto-isolator. Then, when the LED blinks, it would trigger the relay and on the other side of the relay (with a larger power supply) you could power the solenoid.