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How would i make a c.b radio chat room of sorts for me and my friends? Answered

I would like to have free communications between me and my friends, why? I have nothing to do right now, so this project should be entertaining. I would also like to be able to include video possibly, i have the slightest idea on how so anyone with a good idea pls help me out!



8 years ago

If they lie close enough ten run a wire between them and build an intercom. Even better go and see them.

Quercus austrina

8 years ago

While CB communication is free (after the price of the gear) and no license is required, it is still regulated by the FCC. Stray from the proper use and you will have the Men In Black at your door. Besides, CB is AM and the bandwidth is very small. Nowhere near enough for anything other than voice or CW (morse code).

Here's a current article on thestate of CB radio (and other RF comm's) from the Oct. 2011 issue of Nuts-n-Volts magazine (courtesy of their Open Communication forum)