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How would one convert internet movies to play on a Nikon L11 COOlPIX camera? Answered

I have two Nikon L11 digital cameras, one with a broken screen .
They record and play video as .MOV files.
I would like to use the camera with the broken screen to watch videos from the internet on my television.
Is there a way to convert typical files from a DVD, or the internet, (say Youtube)to a 640X480, 30 frames per second .Mov files. that will play from the camera?
I have a card reader/ writer, but havent been able to make this work yet.
Any ideas would be welcome!


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Best Answer 10 years ago

There are two steps to so this: ripping, and encoding.

For a DVD you need a DVD ripper (google it)
For youtube, you need to use a website like this:


On a PC, upload the file to windows movie maker. Then, go to file>export. export it with the parameters you said.

On a mac, open iMovie, upload the file, make a new project, drag the uploaded file into a project, then export the movie as "small"