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How would one go about controlling the Motors of a full sized Biped Robot? Answered

I was thinking about building a full size Remote Controlled Biped Robot.
I have a basic understanding of how you would control a Biped Robot on a smaller scale such as by using an Arduino but i have no idea how you would go about controlling the Motors for the Joints using an RC System.

Lets say for example that you want to raise one of the Legs of the Robot by moving two of  the motors for the Joints,would you connect the motors of one leg in series and connect that to a motor controller such as the Sabertooth then to the receiver or is there another way of going about this.



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Best Answer 8 years ago

The biped must remain upright and shift weight from one limb to the other.

Each joint motor could be a gear motor or a stepper of some sort.

Each joint will need to be a separate micro control driver able to control
the rate and detect the joint angular position in relation to a vertical
accelerometer sensor.

A higher level micro or PC talks to the joint micros issuing move
commands and receiving position reports for computing the other
simultaneous joint moves.

The V-3 Biped on the right is an interesting example.



8 years ago

1. Build a VERY light robot. Weight needs power to move.

2. There are several biped modes of movement - research

3. If it is light enough you can use RC servo motors.

4. If heavier motors required put them low in the body and use wire tendons to move the limbs.

5. Start (small) simple and experiment - that way you build knowledge and skills and have fewer errors.