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How would someone make their car unlock via RFID? Answered

Would it be as simple as replacing the stock remote antenna and push-button key fob with a passive or active RFID switch? I would like it to be able to be reversed to stock with out any soldering and what not, just basic plug an play. Also would you be able to hook it up to a computer to program which keys have access so if you loose one, you can deactivate it on the system?


Dane Garcia

Best Answer 10 years ago

Hey i saw this and it made me laugh because it seems frollard has all his information correct but doenst tell you were to look. Here is a book that is a must see i believe chapter 3 is exactly what you are looking for. The book is called RFID Toys and it is very good. here is the break down of what you use to do this.

Equipment list:

You need power door locks if you dont have power door locks go to www.parts-express.com and look up part number 330-010

You will need a coax cable.

You will need a kit from www.qkits.com part number KL042 (you can also get it pre assembled add on $20 USD).

You will need a pre punched perf board. you can get at any radio shack.

You will also need automotive connecting wire and connecters.

For cosmetics you will ned a plastic project box from www.web-tronics.com part number PB-3P

You can view a sample of the book at the following link:


10 years ago

There are plenty of rfid kits available with or without computer interface. On recognizing a card, they either send the card's info to a computer, or check it against an internal database (programmable by the user) - and that operates a switch. You would only need to supply it power, and hook the output relay to the 'unlock' wire inside the door. Concern: If your car has an anti-theft device, you want to look up the diagram how to disable that with the rfid too. Otherwise, the car's alarm will go off when the locked door unlocks from the inside.. Vampire taps can be used to hook into the car's wiring without damage, to remove, just unclip and cover with tape.


Answer 10 years ago

Would I be able to find one where it works like with in a certain range? For example if walk with in the range it unlocks and if I leave that then it locks?


Answer 10 years ago

There are rfid antennas rated for millimeters up to 'hundreds of feet' (those ones on the highway for tolling commercial vehicles)