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How would this schematic look on a circuit board? Answered

I currently have this schematic for solar powering my Arduino board. I got this schematic directly off the instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Self-Sufficient-Arduino-Board/  

I am a newbie to this kind of stuff and understand how circuit boards work but have spent hours trying to figure out how to correctly draw it like it was on a circuit board. I made a final attempt and drew it on a PCB circuit board template shown below. The components used are annotate with their polarity (the switch isn't cause it can go either way) and the red lines indicate the soldered connection. If someone could just check it out and make sure all the parts are right, it would be greatly appreciated. The main problem I have with it is the junction where the battery positive, switch and Arduino positive all meet. All help is greatly appreciated

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Luigi Pizzolito
Luigi Pizzolito

5 years ago

Here is roughly how it would look like in veroboard...

However this setup is so simple that I don't think you would need a board for it.