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Hunter Thermostat for a heat pump how to get the a/c working...? Answered

We had this guy install a Hunter Thermostat and replace a coil so we could get heat when it was real cold. Well now that it is getting hot we want to run the a/c but it's not working right when you put it on a/c it blows out hot air and gets hotter as it blows. He hooked all the wires up except for a purple wire he said didnt need that one and put a jumper from one wire to another. The heat started working right away. At the time we were worried about heat because it was cold. Now that we found out there is a problem with the a/c we can't get the guy to come back out or the guy that was the one that put in the heat pump and did all the wiring for it. He doesn't like working with Huter digatal themostat so he is avoiding us. But I want it fixed can anything pls help me try to fix it. Tks Jennifer It is a Hunter Touchscreen Programmable thermostat model 44860 2 stage heat/2 stage cool


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11 years ago

Threaten / go legal on him?
But read the Owner's Manual first, you might feel like rewiring it yourself.