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Hybrid cars - uphill strategies Answered

I own a hybrid car (Honda Insight 2nd generation - CVT) and I'm happy with the fuel economy (4.3 L/100 Km  --  54,7 MPG),  but I think there is still room for improvement.

My house is on top of a hill and when I get home I have to climb steep slopes.
The batteries go low and the forced regeneration kicks in. (The car uses the gas engine to recharge the batteries.)

When I get home the batteries are almost fully charged.
The next trip is, of course, downhill and the high state of charge prevents me from getting the maximum advantage of regenerative braking.
(Put in other words: I'm burning gasoline uphill to recharge the batteries that I could charge for free driving downhill...)

How could I avoid/reduce forced regeneration?

What strategies do you use driving uphill?



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