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Hyundai FHSM-702PLU249739 sewing machine (66 stitch) user manual Answered

There are loads of messages on the net from people who've lost or never had the instructions for the Hyundai FHSM-702PLU249739 sewing machine. They are not downloadable anywhere that I've found.

So here's a copy (pdf attached).

Hope it helps.


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10 months ago

Hi my daughter bought the Hyundai fhsm 702 plu249739 years ago. I couldn’t thread the sewing machine then and still can’t work it out now despite tutorials from YouTube. It’s drawing the thread up and pulling it to the back that I am struggling with. When I think I have done it right it jams the needle, the thread gets caught up in the bobbin box and won’t see. Been trying three hours so far any advice appreciated