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Hyundai car 2003 - The back window thermal heater panel light of my Hyundai (Atos)always stays on. What can I do? Answered

Sometimes it goes off if a gigle the bunch of wires that I can see that are on the upper part of the trunck door but usually it does not work.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  This has been happening since summertime 2011.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

I assume you don't want want to take your car to see a service station man.

If you can reach the wires and see the panel light through a mirror.

Put some safety glasses on to protect from electric sparks and as carefully as
you can jiggle each individual wire in the gigle until you find one that makes the
panel light flash.

When you have identified the problem wire try to see if it has a visible scar,
bare area or unnatural bend and use a automotive wire clamp (auto store)
across the injured part of the wire to fix it.

There could be other problems that are beyond this text box.

Hope this helps,