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I Draw Cars Answered

Via Notcot, and because I've been looking out for this sort of thing recently (Roger-X is deciding between design-related university courses), I came across a Kickstarter project called I Draw Cars.

It's a pair of guys, design graduates, who have put together an automotive design resource in a moleskine format - industry references, event data, and templates over which you can sketch your own ideas to form part of your portfolio.

It looks good.  Certainly the concept is sound.

I wonder if others would think so?


On a related subject, whilst visiting Wales, we landed in a design exhibit at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea.  Projects were on display from students of the School of Industrial Design in Swansea.

I could go through them, but they were all fascinating - everything from a pop-up cup-carrier to a collapsible zimmer frame and a hydroplaning sports car.

Instead, I'll list our highlights, in no particular order:

An interesting take on wheeled luggage.

A "hyper amphibian".

A Dyson-branded scooter.

School bookshelves.

A cool take on Landrover.

Hydroplaning yacht.

A hotrod.

There were others, but they did not display their websites, or have a small pile of business cards for folk to take.  That's their loss, since part of their course covers "self promotion"...


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FO The Turk
FO The Turk

9 years ago

Dear Kiteman, I hope Roger-x finds himself a course best suited to his talent. Personally I'm not for sketching over templates. It makes it more difficult to develop one's own style in the long run, I think. It reminded me of a pic in E.H. GOMBRICH'S eye opener : ART&ILLUSION which I'll try & add. I strongly advise anyone interested in ART to read BETTY EDWARDS' DRAWİNG ON THE RİGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN. I wish him & you good luck.