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"I Made It" Images have disappeared Answered

I've noticed that the images and the "I made it" header have disappeared from all of my Instructables where people had posted them in the comments section, the comment itself remains, but no images.

I've also checked on I'bles where I posted an "I made it" and those images have gone too, any idea what's going on here?

The problem only occurs when I am logged-in, if I view anonymously they appear as expected.

The following I'ble is a good example as it contains a few "I made it" comments: instructables.com/id/Enchanted-Rose-Beauty-and-the-Beast

UPDATE: This issue now appears to have been resolved, everything is behaving as expected.



1 year ago

Mine appear to be working like normal. However, I've passed this to the site's bug team to investigate. Will you respond and state your system and browser, so they'll know where to start in trying to duplicate what you're seeing?


1 year ago

Thanks, I'm using the following system:

Windows 10 Pro v1703 Build 15063.483 (64-bit)

I can re-create the problem with the following browsers:

Firefox v54.0.1 (64-bit)
Chrome v60.0.3112.78 (64-bit)
IE v11.483.15063.0
Edge v40.15063.0.0

Since posting this thread I've noticed that the problem only occurs when I am logged-in. If I logout they will appear, but if I log back in again they're gone.