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I Need a Game Design Team (Mobile Game Development) Answered

Hey guys,
I am looking for a game design team to help out with a project I am starting.  It will be a mobile game similar to Clash of Clans, but with many different gameplay changes.  I have a lot of the game planned out, but I don't want to have to learn all of the different skills it would take to make the game on my own.  I have some 3D modelling skills with blender, and will also do most of the gameplay design.

People I Need:
-Another 3D modeler to work with and help reduce the workload
-A texturer
-A programmer with the skill to put a mobile game together
-An animator
-An artist (for main map, interface, etc)
-Possibly someone for sound; I can probably do that

I would assume that the game will be created in Unity, but that mainly depends on the group's preferences.  If the programmer has the skill, he could just custom code the game, and it would definitely run better that way.  Anyways, whatever money is made from this project will be split equally between everyone except for the programmer; I know how much work that would take, he will probably get a little bit larger of the share.

Reply with your email and I will send you the basic outline of the game.

PS: Please, only native English speaking people; I've worked with non-natives, and I have found communication to be very tedious...


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6 years ago

Have you tried asking on game design forums?


Reply 6 years ago

Not yet, but I'm looking around. Any tips on some good ones?