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I a trying to sell my old laptop, does anyone know how much an IBM thinkpad 600e is worth? Answered

I am selling my old laptop so I can buy an android tablet.  I want to sell it, but I have no idea how much it is worth.  Online their prices ranged from $20 to $200+.  Mine is used with slight cosmetic damage, but it has a dvd player and works great, except for the battery.  The battery doesn't hold a charge very well, but if you use it as a desktop, or spend thirty dollars on a new battery, then it would be fine.  I will see if I can post pictures soon. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's worth whatever someone will actually pay for it. Check what they're currently going for on eBay -- if you have an account, you can get their site to show you recently completed auctions.

Given that, by today's standards, it's an old, slow and small machine, and many buyers will be looking for something that can play modern games... I'd put it toward the lower end of the range you cited.



Answer 8 years ago

That's half the reason I'm selling it. Ebay is where I checked, but I looked again and most of the really cheap ones were for parts only. I am hoping I can get enough money to buy an android tablet.