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I am a computer tech and have really became interested in electronics. Answered

Can anyone point me in the right direction? All I know how to do is hook a 9v to a LCD. LOL?



10 years ago

If you want to learn about electronics, rather than just 'build stuff', I suggest you get yourself something like THIS.
The building is easy, and for each circuit there is a description of how it works, teaching you the rudiments of transistor and logic theory.
From there, it's a case of searching for magazine archives for projects that take your fancy. The magazines usually have better write-ups than purely web-based circuits. There's some HERE.
Beyond that, there's plenty of theory HERE, but the real way to go if you're really interested in this as a career is through a college course.

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10 years ago

Electronics as in prebuilt dvd/vcr/hdmi to Tv etc
Soldering circuit boards, yada yada yada
for this I recommend Funway kits: http://search.dse.com.au/electronics/Funway

Otherwise there are sets of rules for cables and once you have learned these rules you can do it with one hand behind your back (you being a techie you should have plenty of experience with cables and such)