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I am a winner for the HALLOWEEN Photo Editing But have not heard from INSTRUCTABLES Answered

Hi all,

I am still new to the site, so not sure how some things work.
I am a winner in the Halloween Photo Editing, but have not been 
informed by INSTRUCTABLES that I have been, nor have they contacted
me for an address to send my prize to.  I contacted a site intern via her
page two days ago and have not heard from her either.

I do not even know how to contact them for an answer on this.
Can someone please direct me to how to claim my prize, or how
to even be informed that I have been.

This is the instructable....

And this is showing me as one of the winners...

Thank you for your assistance,




7 years ago

any idea on how or when the prizes will be shipped? and please don't send them UPS...it would cost more in fake fees than to buy a new one.


7 years ago

We're catching up on a lot of contest stuff from over the weekend. Please don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. You should get a notification by the end of the day Tuesday. If you don't, please let me know.


7 years ago

You should get a PM soon from somebody at HQ asking for your postal details.

It's the weekend now - if you don't get contacted on Monday, drop an email to service@instructables.com.