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I am building a R/C Boat. So can anyone help me? Answered



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Best Answer 10 years ago

How big do you want it?
Single hull or multiple hull?
Lake, river, sea?
Scale model or your own design?
How is it to be powered?
What is your budget?
What skills do you have?
What materials and tools do you have access to?

And the critical question . . . How much research have you done already?

Once you can answer the questions above and come with up with a few ideas of your own you will be able to ask sensible questions here.


7 years ago

RC boats are fun to play with, so it isn't surprising that a lot of people want to know how to build an Rc Boat.
In order to build an RC boat you will need an unassembled RC boat kit; a flat, spacious work area; industrial adhesive(s); a cutting knife;screwdriver with correct head(s); pliers; a terry cloth towel and an airbrush with paint.
Once you have taken all these things, you will be able to bulld rc boat....