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I am building guitar I Fender body and neck, with a thru.body neck what combintion would do.? Answered

I will be using a chavel head. Double humbucker. I will finish the body in black with clear. Neck will be natural, What wood combinationis a good strate. Them I will diff. one. I a new to this ,but I am A good woodmen buildsmall to large. I made my living by work car and boat.


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11 years ago

Speaking form the perspective of electrics...I think a Fender's body and neck are made out of Rock Maple for the most part. I don't know what type of wood would be a good substitute in your part of the world. Rosewood fretboards have become the norm for most guitars, although "rosewood" is just a name these days...many woods are substituted because their fiber structure and density is similar to that of Rosewood.