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I am buying a nintendo 64, what games and accessories should I get? Answered

My budget is 60$ or less.



Best Answer 10 years ago

First of all, great for you!
The N64 is my all-time favourite console!

How much are you paying for the system?

The MOST important things you NEED to buy are:
007 Goldeneye (Best MP game of all time)
Several controllers, all that matters is that the joystick is firm,
because if it is loose it won't work.

The best single player games are (In order):
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Super Mario 64
Donkey Kong 64
Kirby 64 : The crystal shards
and Zelda: Majoras mask.

Doom 64 is also good.

Best MP (Multi-player) games are:
Super Smash bros,
Army men: sarges heroes,
Perfect dark,
Mario Kart
and Diddy Kong racing.

I don't really have any accessories,
but as I said, lots of good controllers are important.

You might consider buying a gamecube video cable, as
that is the same size, and will make life a lot easier.
(Unless the one you are buying has composite cables included)

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Memory expansion.




8 years ago

lil late, but you also need a rumble PAK, Controller Pak, and if you want, an adapter Pak for linking gameboy games with stuff like perfect dark, and pokemon stadium


10 years ago

i am paying $35 and it includes an expansion pak


10 years ago

Well, you can normally find N64 games on Ebay for $5-10. Here are some of my favorite games for the N64: Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (Still one of the best games of al time) Diddy Kong Racing (A fun racing game that is similar to Mario Kart 64, yet charmingly different at the same time) 007 Goldeneye (A fan favorite for multiplayer) Super Smash Bros. (All of Nintendo's main stars in one game) Starfox 64 (A very fun, and very quoteable game) I think any of these would be a great place to start. I wouldn't worry about accessories yet. I've never found any of the N64 ones to really improve the gameplay.