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I am considering turning my turtle sandbox into a planter for my salad garden but am wondering about drainage. Answered

I have one of those little turtle sandboxes for the kids. You know, the kind that fill up with water because I never remember to put the lid on when it rains. Should I put a bunch of small holes in the bottom or just one larger hole in the center for drainage. Also, any other input on how to best do this would be great (ie best way to fertilize etc...). Thanks.



9 years ago

My parents have used a cheap-o plastic blue pool for many years, and never had a problem, no holes drilled at all.


10 years ago

i agree with gofram, if you put one big hole you owuld get erosion


10 years ago

Lots of smaller holes - about 1/8" to 1/2," scattered around as evenly as you care to make them. Keep on drilling till your arm gets tired: I've never heard of container plants failing because the drainage was too good.

Place sandbox somewhere in partial shade, if possible (morning sun/afternoon shade would be ideal for salad greens).

Fill with rocks/gravel, sand, a layer of pure compost, and then your potting/planting mix.

Invest about $7-10 in a box of organic fertilizer (I like "Dr. Earth Organic 7," but other brands are equally good) and dig in at the recommended rate.

Plant greens.

Mulch with as much used coffee grounds and broken eggshells as you can get your hands on (or up to a max 1/8" layer).

Keep moist but not sopping. Water in compost tea every 2 weeks or so as the mood strikes you.

Harvest, ingest, and smile.