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I am designing an iPhone app that uses RSS. What features do people need in this type of app that would make it unique? Answered

Yeah, so I have thought out a lot of it, but now I want to know what type of interface people want.


Push Notifications. So if I'm subscribed to an instructables RSS feed, when new items are added to it I get a popup saying so


8 years ago

First off, what does the app *do* exactly?


Answer 8 years ago

It is not even in the xcode process yet (i need to get a final good idea before dev). But, what i'm aimimg for is an app that you type in a url and you can get whatever updates you want about what you want to know about what is happening to the site. For example, you could tell it to find all updates on instructables.com that have iphone related keywords. If you narrow it down, then the app could index all instructables with the tag iphone and output a list of the URLs. I Would like people to give suggestions on features and design/color schemes.