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I am desperately searching for a DURAMAX XP 10 000 E GENERATOR, Carburator Answered

Our Generator Broke down in the middle of the 4 day THANKSGIVING SNOW STORM of the north east.
Our Repairman helped us get it going, but stated, he was unable to find a Garburator.

I believe he called all his professional contacts.

I wanted to try to see if any of the tinkerers  , and geniuses, had any ideas whom to ask, and would be so kind to share this information with

Thank you so much in advance for your kindness




5 years ago

Can you post some detailed pics of the carby?

I repaired quiete a few little and bigger generators that had signs of old age.

A carby usually does not go bad or faulty, it is seals, gaskets and membranes that get stiff or develop leaks.

There are a lot of standard carbies out there that are copies of other models.

You might have to buy a refurb kit that contains more than you need but it should be possible to find something that fits.
Even if not, a decent clean is recommended and if membranes are used go to a motorbike shop and farm machinery shop with the part and ask if they know of something to fit.

I had an unknown and weird loking carby but inside it used standard parts for Mikuni carbies ;)