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I am doing a "plans" project in pre-ap high school physics and i need ideas! Answered

this project is where I have to have someone else's plans for a project and I have to give a lesson over how physics works in the thing I make. I could make a building or bridge or radio and anything basically as long as its not outrageously simple and has physics behind it. however I would need to spend under $15 otherwise I have to submit what I am buying and how much each things costs ahead of time. if you have any great ideas and maybe could help with the physics behind it that would be grand! thank you!


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11 years ago

Hmmm....everything has physics behind it (of course, speaking as a professional physicist :-). 

Check out some of Kiteman's I'bles, for example the cardboard Frisbee or climbing gorilla.  Those are cheap and easy to make, and have some non-trivial physics behind them.

If you have questions, contact him directly.  He's the British equivalent of a high-school teacher, so you should think about what you're asking, and don't expect him to spoonfeed you answers :-)  However, he is an extraordinarily nice guy, so don't be too intimidated.