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I am in desperate need of a deflation valve for a queen sheridan air mattress Answered

it is a white valve cap that has two small tabs for grasping. I, unfortunately let a neighbor borrow the mattress and just didnt realize the valve was missing until now........help The mattress is made in China (where else?) and is from Australia


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11 years ago

easy fix: try different resealable threaded bottle caps. the size is usually dictated by the volume of the container, but not always. If you cap is large try a 3L or 4L container. Smaller, try a 500ml or 250ml. complicated fix: You can make a negative mold with quick set putty, gently remove (unscrew), let dry (kiln/oven), then pour molten plastic into the negative to make a positive. trim and modify as needed. get-'er-dun fix: With enough duct tape, anything is possible. boring solution: command neighbour to search for plug tirelessly until found, whip neighbour as necessary. ultimately call the manufacturer and request a new one between tears of defeat. good luck!