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I am interested in finding or co-creating a spaceship design for a kids room... Answered

Preferably, this space ship would include blinky lights, switches and knobs that actually did stuff, and some sort of visual display?? Computer controlled, but no special software... Cardboard, wood, plastic, all okay...Thoughts? Desires?


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11 years ago

Tons of ideas. I wouldn't use a computer, though. A portable DVD for a display with space scenes would be cool. I'm a PVC freak. It's like legos for adults. Some fabric stretched over it is more breathable than a hard shell. Doors and hatches are easily fashioned. LED mount nicely from inside PVC tubing when drilled carefully. Cool seats can be made from large empty snack barrels from the big box stores. Some fasteners, some paint, and LEDs inside, and you're good. The whole thing could be on a plywwod platform with an air bladder under the front. Why? To elevate, rumble, and shake during rough travel times. Buttons with sound effects are necessary, right? Check out distributors of items form special needs kids. They have multi-packs of voice recordable items. Space suits! White flexible dryer venting is great for little arms and legs. Sorry. I could ramble possibilities all day long.