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I am looking for a great good book about wiring small electronics and appliances Answered

Does anyone know what book I can get?


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8 years ago

Forrest Mimms start a million people off in electronics. try amazon



8 years ago

Go to Radio Shack. They have some books with some interesting little circuits you can build. But most of what you find in the books can be found for free online. Look up some 555 timer circuits.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

8 years ago

I don't think there is just one book that can tell you everything,  but books which claim to do this exist. For example this Google Books search:
will give you some titles. 

I do not have any titles that I personally recommend, but every so often I see these things turn up at used book sellers.  There is one such store in my town, and every so often I buy one of these books, at greatly reduced price.  Mostly I like looking at the pictures.

Publishers like Time-Life(r), Reader's Digest(r), Popular Mechanics(r) seem to be conspicuous in this field, and produce a lot of titles , probably because they are recycling copy that was previously one of their magazine articles.

However those books are more on the subject of how to fix your toaster, or dishwasher, etc; i.e. appliances.

Your keywords included "diodes", "led", "wiring", which makes me think you are more interested in basic electronics.

If you want to sort of learn-by-doing, with very specific projects in mind, Tab Books(r) ( McGraw Hill(r)) has a bunch of books with the words "Evil Genius"

This one,
Cutcher, Dave. Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius. Tab Books. 2004
looks like a good introduction to the subject of homemade electronics, for the newbie, although that assessment is mostly just based on me reading the TOC. 

Of course there are also vast, vast amounts of material out there for free, on the web.  In addition to heavyweights like Wikipedia, there is:

Basically a free electronics textbook

Filled with annoying ads, but also some useful information about how things, including appliances, work.

Has a few good pages too.

Also it's not all about books.  There is a lot to be learned just from taking junk apart, and seeing what is inside it.  The best place to find old, unwanted technology, is in dumpsters.  The next best place is probably thrift stores,
if such places exist in your town.