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I am looking for a sensor that measures "pressure" but I don't know what to look for. Answered

I have an idea, nothing revolutionary, but it would perfectly solve a problem that I have in my woodworking shop.

I need to be able to tighten a very small toothpick-sized piece of wood in a small meral vice, to a very specific level of "squeeze", and then release the vice, and repeat that exact "level of squeeze" over and over.

Can someone point me in the right direction of what these "pressure measuring devices" might be called? Ideally I could use this pressure gauge (sensor) in tandem with a small display and an Arduino, Raspberry pie, or some other logic device that can interpret the output from the pressure sensor and send that output to the little display.

Thanks for your help guys!


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2 years ago

I think what you're looking for are called a "strain gauge". They come in different pressure ranges and usually come mounted to an aluminum block that can be directly screwed to what yo want to measure.

If you don't want to order one, they can be salvaged from (I think) any electronic scale. That direction would get you a properly calibrated system and the display you need as well.