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I am looking for a very easy and detailed explaination of how to bezel set a semi precious stone. Can anyone help me??? Answered

I recently bought a few stones that i thought would look very nice in a necklace. I was thinking I would like to try to bezel set them myself.I have seen a few explainations but i feel like they just dont say enough. I need to know exactly what tools i need and how to make the setting as flawless as possible. I am a bit o.c.d. and it will bother me. If someone can give me details without missing a step, I would be very thankful.



Answer 8 years ago

i saw that video before. it is good but i need to know how to make it into a pendant not a ring. i'm not sure what extra steps to take. i have never done this before. i just get these ideas and then commit :-)


Answer 8 years ago

The method is much the same -

A backing plate the shape and size of the stone is cut and edges smoothed.

A long strip of silver/gold is shaped to go round the edges of the backing plate.

This is silver soldered in place. The stone should snugly fit into the cup formed by these actions.

Solder a ring onto the top to thread a chain or Bail thorough.

Smooth all edges so the are flat and even - Place stone in position and burnish over the edges of the strip to hold the stone in. I do this with a small screwdriver and use the round edge to slowly push the silver down onto the stone.

Clean it all up and polish.