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I am looking for instructions or tutorials that would be helpful in building a DC boost converter to convert 9.6V to 12V Answered

I am looking for any kind of information that would assist me in building a DC boost converter.  I understand how a DC boost converter works but don't know the math behind it so I am unclear about the types of capacitors, transistors, inductors etc I would need.  Any help in how to calculate these values or how to build this circuit would be great!  Thank you.



8 years ago

I really wouldn't do it from scratch, by far the best way is to utilise National Semiconductor's online design system Web-bench and their simple-switcher parts, Or Maxim Semiconductor's equivalents.

SMPSU's are evil things to design for anyone who isn't steeped in the things from birth.

Topologically, what Frollard is describing is NOT the common way of implementing a boost supply, its one way, just not very efficient. The commonest topology is shown on this web-page, with a lot of usefull design notes, and a convenient calculator


8 years ago

You need a few things, an oscillator to drive the inverter (or pulse generator) - a transformer won't work without changing electric fields.

Then you need a transformer that boosts the input to the desired output,

Then you need a filtering capacitor and/or rectifier (if you truly inverted the original dc)

Smarter ones will have some form of feedback to change the frequency of the oscillator based on the output voltage or current to ensure that it is a constant power supply. Specifics? You'll need to do something for yourself there: search "boost converter schematic" or the like.