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I am looking for instructions to modify an inexpensive flash MP3 player into a player that runs off an AC adapter. Answered

It's going to run for 8 hours a night, every night. I have a small pair of speakers I will plug into the player. I would rather not have to charge something every day and then have it die after a couple of years. I would rather not charge AA or AAA batteries. I am going to use this player to play one mp3 (a little relaxation script) then repeat another mp3 (the sounds of rain) until its shutoff. This is a white noise / Sleep type of thingy. I have found iCreative Hard Drive Players with their charging system and iPods that will play when plugged into a charger; however, these devices are a bit more expensive and in a few years, many of us are going to have a number of these inexpensive players dead in a drawer and I though it would be nice to look at ways to encourage reuse of these.