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I am making a parallel port controller using my SNES controller. How do i hook up the pins so that it will work? Answered

I don't have a DB25 female port on my laptop, i only have a DB15. I've seen that someone has been able to do it, but I can't figure it out. Also, I am taking the power from the usb port right next to the parallel port, so i only need help with the other 3 pins. Thanks


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10 years ago

They don't make DB15 only DA15 which is a midi / Gameport on a soundblaster or other similar cards you most likely have a db9 aka serial port which converting the wires would be the easy part but you would still need a program that supports the snes or nes control on the db9 but i only know of a program that supports the db 25 parralel port. let me know if you still want the convertion or not! anyway