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I am trying to figure out how to make a murphy bed out of a twin size trundle bed. I am not an experienced woodworker? Answered



10 years ago

I wanted to do the same thing, make a Murphy bed, however after reviewing my options found making this bed to be much easier.

You may have problems making a Murphy bed if you're not an experienced woodworker, the process of making the actual frame isn't so tough, but finding the right springs to act as a counter balance and implementing them into the mix is going to be a challenge (and possibly dangerous too!). You can build a Murphy without springs or counter-weights, but you may find it heavy to lift.

Really I'm no woodworking expert, lumber is cheap so spend $30 and just try a few ideas out. Even if you scrap the bed frame 3 times over it's still less than buying a fabricated one, and hey, you just might learn some new skill out of it as well! If you attempt this make sure to take pictures and post the results! Good luck!


Answer 10 years ago

Thanks for the input, I already have a daybed in this room, but need more room. I have purchased the Moddi plan, but can't use(mobile home) no studs, so I will take your advice & try to make a standing frame since I already purchased the hardware for it.Will post a pic if I succeed.