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I am trying to find out how to make a solar powered trike? Answered

I seen this solar powered trike on episode 8 or 9 season 1 of the colony that was on discovery channel can someone please explane to me what i need to get to make it? I tryed to google images of it but none came up.



8 years ago

Your going to need as a minimum: A suitable frame for the chassis - Depending on the terrain and use you could use wood, ply wood or solid timber. Metal tubing (steel or aluminium, welded or bolted together.

Your going to need some wheel - Trailer wheels say.

If not too fast you can get away without suspension 0 but for any real rough ground or any real speed a relatively complicated system of suspension and damping (see a car for example)

Your going to need a good size electric motor - I guess at least 10 to 15 Hp if you expect any realistic speed out of this thing - This isn't going to be cheap.

Your going to need a power source, Some BIG solar cells - some  batteries to store the solar power I guess possibly driving an inverter system to give you a higher voltage at the motor.

Your going to need a motor control system Your going to need so pretty effective brakes.

Your going to need to cover the body - in aluminium sheet, plastic, glass fibre or Carbon Fibre.

This beast is based on a motor bike rear and car front coupled with a custom chassis. It exists and works so it can be done.