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I am trying to hook my pc to my tv and I have a video of what I have and what I have done but no luck yet? Answered



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10 years ago

The video won't help in any way... it's too dark to see anything, shaking too much, doesn't trace any of the cords, and spends time showing the dogs and cats. We will need to see the back of the computer, and what you're trying to run it out of, as well as the cord (both ends) that you are using. We will need to see whatever device you're trying to run it through wherever it plugs in. We'll need to see the cord that is coming out of that (both ends again), and finally need to see the backside of the tv where you're trying to connect it to. If you don't have proper lighting for video, still pictures of these objects would be better. Generic suggestions- check all of your cables to make sure they are securely in place. Check the (video converter box?) to make sure it is set to correctly intake and send out the video. Check the tv to make sure it is set to show wherever you have plugged your incoming signal from. A final FYI, most laptops run out S-Video and you can plug that directly into the tv. Depending on the model, you may have to adjust the laptop's output signal as well as set the tv to show s-video.