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I am trying to make some simple animatronics for halloween (ie - no programming). Any ideas or links to help? Answered

I am having my first halloween in my first house. My neighbors said they go all out for holidays, and I've always wanted an awesome halloween haunt. My only problem is I've never had any electronic experience past screwing in a light bulb. I don't want to attempt programming dealing with relays or microcontrollers, etc yet. I'm just looking for things that will be fun and basic. Any body know of any ideas to get my props moving without zapping myself?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

This is my favorite Halloween link site:


They have all the info you could possibly want. There are 94 animatronic projects of varying levels of complexity linked there, plus gazillions of other project links ranging from static props and scenery to air cannons, lighting controls, makeup effects, maskmaking,  the Axworthy ghost rig, the classic Flying Crank Ghost, and tons of other cool stuff. It's like Instructables, but just for Halloween stuff.

Sorry to get all excited, but I love that site.


11 years ago

Of course there are several ideas here on Instructables.

And more (including the classic Flying Crank Ghost) at http://www.phantasmechanics.com