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I am unable to make my pendrive bootable, can you please help me out? Answered

I have referred your blog to make a USB bootable. But, in second step my F drive was unable to boot. you just mentioned that we need to type only "cd boot", I did the same but it didn't work. I want to install windows 8.1 and I have pen drive of 32GB. 



1 year ago

If you want to make a USB drive to install Windows 8.1, your simplest method is to use Microsoft's Windows 8.1 media creation tool, you can find it here:


It allows you to download to an ISO, create a bootable DVD or a bootable USB drive. Click the link above and follow the instructions, you will need to provide a valid Windows 8.1 key for the media creation tool to work.

If you wish to manually make a bootable Windows 8.1 USB you need to use the bootsect /nt60

1. Format your USB drive with the NTFS file system
2. Insert your Windows 8.1 DVD media into the drive (or mount the ISO media)
3. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator
4. Change directory to the boot folder on the Windows 8.1 media (i.e. D:\boot assuming D: is your DVD drive or mounted ISO)
5. Type: bootsect /nt60 F: (assuming F: is your USB media drive)
6. Copy the complete contents of the Windows 8 media to the USB drive
7. Your USB drive should now be bootable

Note that bootable media comes in many forms depending on what the intended system architecture or operating system is. Without knowing which Instructable you were referring to in your question, I can't be sure it was even intended to make a bootable Windows 8.1 media. For all I know it was making a bootable Linux image.


1 year ago

I assume you are asking about an instructable, there are over a thousand...

Can you name or link to it ?