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I am very passionate about cooking! Answered

I was always very found of cooking everything about it amazes me and I get very curious and eager to mix and match the ingredients and make something good about it as I belong to an Indian family we love spices and cury and specially non-veg but in USA we dont get all spices which we need so we bring the available ones and try to make something of it which taste like hometown and reminds us of our hometown. My parents love cooking too and when I was 5 my dad told me observation is the best key to be a good cook you first observe how me and your mommy makes the food and then go and try to make some and I was fully into those words after few years my mommy gave me the permission to use kitchen I always tried making something which my parents loved and I started cooking more often and got better by time. It might take some time to be a perfectionist not saying that I'm a one but it will be worthy.

If this post is helpful to you in any way I appreciate it alot.


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1 year ago

You mention that you try to use available spices and make them taste like home. Why don't you write something about that? I spend most of my farmer's market time asking people how you cook vegetables I have never seen before and they often can't tell me how they did it at home because, while it is the same vegetable, it doesn't taste the same here with the spices we use. And could you start with how you get the warm flavor without it being too hot for me to eat? thanks!