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I am willing to PayPal $30 for someone to write this Sketch. Answered

I am willing to PayPal $30 for someone to write this Sketch.

I have an Uno board, a motor control board L293D Motor Drive Shield and a 5 volt 4 wire motor NEMA17 Stepper Motor.

I'm using #include <AFMotor.h>.

I can make the motor run any speed in both directions in a loop. That's all the further I've got in two weeks.

I would like it to start idle (hold) and when I touch (momentarily) power to a pin, I need it to run in reverse until another pin is contacted, a switch, and stop (or run forward a small amount). Let's call that home. Then I would like to touch power to a different pin and have it reverse to home and then run forward 200 steppes. 3 more like that, 200 steps, 400 steppes, 600 and 700 steppes. So, i need 4 pins, one the run the motor to home. The 3 others will run the motor down to home and the up to a predetermined spot. The "Stop and stay home" can be a couple steppes up from the home switch. Think of it as running blinds full open & closed with 3 available open positions in between.

If you can do that, I'll pay $30. But I don't want 10 people to make it and each expect to get payed. How do we do this?
Scott Goldsborough Thank you!



1 year ago

When do you need this by? Could you add the datasheet/link to the stepper motor and L293D Motor Driver Shield? Do you only require the code or even schematics?


2 years ago

When do you need it by?