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I am wondering how I would go about joining hydrogen and oxygen to make water Answered

I am asking because I am doing a science project pertaining to that and I need a bit more information


Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

There is more than one way to do this. I will mention two methods.

I am going to naively assume you have only a small amount of hydrogen and/or oxygen, i.e. just a few liters of at atmospheric pressure and room temperature), enough to fill a latex balloon.




is the quick and easy way to do it.

Place the hydrogen and oxygen, or hydrogen and air, or just hydrogen, into a balloon. Then light the balloon on fire, using a match on stick, or some other method which allows you to set fire to the balloon without standing right next to it.

I mean, you want a few meters of distance between you and the balloon because it goes BOOM! Or maybe just foosh! The speed of the reaction, and the sound it makes depends on the particular gas mixture used.

You can find videos of this demonstration on Youtube. Um, here:


If you want a slow, controlled reaction, then I think a fuel cell


e.g. one that uses a plastic PEM layer,


is the way to go. As a bonus, you get some electricity from the fuel cell, which can be used to perform some small amount of useful work. Also the water product will appear slowly, as a liquid, as tiny drops of water.

In contrast the water product from the exploding balloon is water, as a gas, also called water vapor, which is invisible. So the water produced from the exploding balloon is harder to observe, and it is harder to actually prove water is a product of the reaction.


3 years ago

A very special stick is necessary to do this.


3 years ago

Then ask your teacher or use Google - why would you want to cheat by asking other people how to do it ;) ?