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I am working on a mobile version of my site using mobile XHTML how do I get it to refer to this when using a cell phone? Answered

I am sharing a server with several other schools using FTP and I am editing my site in dreamweaver CS4.  If there are any other things I missed please comment and I will answer so I can solve this problem.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

You need to use some kind of scripting language to detect what the client is using and make the switch.  This is usually done on the server with PHP, JSP, etc. (Here's a PHP implementation.)  You can use JavaScript to do the same thing within the browser, but since many  mobile browsers don't support JavaScript this can be a bit iffy.  Here's more info.

When you do this it's important that you have a link on each page that lets the user switch between versions in case the script gets it wrong.