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I broke a pin on a barrel jack Answered

I think it is the ground pin. Looking at specs I found online http://www.cui.com/pdffiles/PJ-002A.pdf , the ground is connected to the (+) pin(?). It was the pin at the base, not the big center pin. Is my assumption correct? Thanks.



10 years ago

Pin 1 is usually + or positive _ that's the centre pin, while pin 2 would then be ground. Pin 3 is a switched pin which opens as you insert the DC plug. However most products have a polarity identification mark near the socket so check first. If you can use a soldering iron with some care_heat up all three base connection pins by flooding with molten solder. Once all three connections points are molten ease out the socket from the circuit board. You may need another pair of hands, but be careful you don't splash molten solder! Once you have removed the socket take a close look at the broken leg and see if you can resolder a short length of stranded equipment wire to remake a connection back to the circuit board. Alternatively you may get a replacement socket. I assume this is mounted onto a printed circuit board so take care not to damage the circuit tracks. Hope this helps... Regards


Answer 10 years ago

What do you mean that pin 3 is a switched pin? You're right, Pin 1 is + and the pin I broke, pin 2, was GND. Thanks