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I broke my 360's power birck Answered

Ya the title says it all, I fried a power brick, I was playing around and I must have shorted something I shouldn't have. It was very strange Instaid of the normal routine where bridging the 5vSB and PwrEnable starts the brick and un-bridging them turn it off. It stayed on and now the 5vSB line no longer produces any voltage. I can start the brick with an external power source to the PwrEnable line, but since the brick is under 0 load it immediately shuts off to protect itself from overloading. Plus It is a huge inconvenience to use an external power source to keep the brick on. My suspicion is a regulator very close to the 5vSb line, I think I may have fried that but I'm not entirely sure because I'm bad with regulators. Does anybody know a possible solution to this?  

P.S. Don't give me a reply saying "buy a new brick" because that isn't the kind of person I am and I have a hunch that there is only one or two components that are bad so I'd like to save this brick if I can :)  



8 years ago

although you may have found a solution by now, i might suggest opening the brick and checking for any burnt traces or a bad fuse, those would be my first suspicions.


Reply 8 years ago

I ended up just trashing it, My guess was there was a regulator burned out somewhere I had another brick anyways so I just ended up using that :) thanks anyway