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I cannot get the fuse settings correctly set in my ATMega32 when following your instructions on the 8x8x8 led cube? Answered

I've triple checked my wiring and that isnt the problem. i've followed your instructions to the letter, using the exact same components including the oscillator crystal 14.7456mhz i'm using the exact same USBTinyISP from lady ada, on a win7 x64 system with the correct drivers. everytime i send the avrdude hfuse setting it comes back with "initialization failed, rc=-1"  and then the chip is unresponsive to any avrdude commands.
i've bricked 2 ATMega chips following your instructions now and as i dont fully understand AVR programming i really dont know what to do next. how do i reset the chip so i can try setting the fuses again?



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9 years ago

This question would be better suited on the instructable you are referencing instead of in the answers section. Then, the author is likely to see it, and can possibly help answer your question. If not, you're still more likely to run into someone interested in the same thing who may have also built one.