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I can't get my ipod working on a new computer? Answered

I am having problems with my iPod nano. We have just purchased a new computer, which is windows 7, are old one was windows xp. I have downloaded iTunes and moved my library across, but it will not pick up my iPod, when I plug it in, it just says device not detected, it is charging so there is nothing wrong with the cable or the usb port. Can any one help me



8 years ago

I know this might sound silly and you may have already tried it but in case you haven't, try plugging it into a different USB port, particularly the ones in the back of the machine. Also be aware that some of the USB ports on your new machine are probably the new USB 3 and even though they are supposed to be backwards compatible they may not be or your cable may have a problem with them.


Answer 8 years ago

Same here- tried it once on a new computer and it did the same. I think I ended up having to reformat to widows (as it was formatted for mac) and then re load it on the mac (which can read both) before bringing it to the windows...


Answer 8 years ago

ok my first choice: try a different usb port as Vyger said. This did it for me once...

2. Try different cable/usb port (hey- might work, ive sometimes had trouble with our cables even though they seem to work)
3. Reformat ipod (Back up first!) as per apple (or other) instructions to windows 7 (google ipod format windows 7)
4. If none of the above options work, contact apple, maybe they can give you more help :)