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I connected my 360 pad to the pc and can use it as a mouse. How can I use the messenger pad as a keyboard? I usejoytokey Answered

Like the title says, I can now use my 360 controller as a mouse. I'm able to use the buttons but there aren't enough to cover all of the keyboards keys. So I purchased the messenger for the 360 pad, but I'm unable to use it as the keyboard. Are there any programs or steps I could take to use the 360 pad and messenger combo on my PC to browse the net, chat, play games etc. in place of keyboard and mouse? Thanks in advance.



9 years ago

It would appear that Micro$oft has not released any windows drivers for the chat pad, so unless you feel like writing your own, you're out of luck. However, Windows does have an on-screen keyboard, you could program a button press to bring that up, and use it for typing. I had to do that when I left my keyboard at my friends house (long story). If joytokey doesn't allow you to do that, you might try Xpadder http://www.xpadder.com/, it works quite well for me.