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I could use a hand moving iTunes files around on my PC, without messing anything important up. Answered

Recently I installed a second hard drive into my PC and I wanted to move all my iTunes files from the original (smaller) hard drive to the new (bigger) hard drive. After I move them, I want to delete the old files, so I can have more room on the smaller hard drive. I know how to move the music files, but the program files for iTunes are giving me trouble. I really do not want to mess this up either, as I have put a considerable amount of money into my music.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  



8 years ago

Copy over the music folder for iTunes. Then, there sure be a setting that points iTunes to the right folder. Change that, and you should be good.


Answer 8 years ago

What about things like podcasts? They're in a different place than the music itself