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I could use some assistance with selecting a piezo buzzer for a sonic locator in my rockets. Answered

I want to build a sonic locator for my rockets. My goal would be so that I can hear it from several hundred feet while in the air (rocket under parachute) & at least 100ft while on the ground. Here are the components I would like to incorporate into the design:
* LOUD Piezo beeper/speaker
* Flashing LED, to confirm operation as well as alter the output frequency of the piezo
* Slide power switch
* G-switch, so the rocket will be quiet on the launch pad but initiate beeping after liftoff.
* 9V battery
* any necessary resistors that may be needed for a reliable circuit

All of these components should fit into a tube that has an inner diameter of 1.125" & be less than 6" long. Components will be mounted on breadboard as the rocket will be subjected to up to 20G loads under takeoff & be swinging around inside the rocket under recovery & landing.

My main concern is finding a piezo beeper that will be LOUD (100+ dB @ 1ft) yet small enough to fit inside the space allowed. Part #s and/or places to order them would be of immense help! I certainly would entertain the idea of the piezo being mounted separately at a 90 degrees to the rest of the components if need be.

Thank you for any suggestions!


Jack A Lopez

8 years ago

I don't know if you've seen this one, but if you have not, here's the link:

It's the Intrudalert(r), a small annoying alarm intended for sliding doors, windows, etc. However the features relevant to your application are its:
small size,
light weight
(and most importantly) low cost

Your profile says you live in Orlando, which I think is part of the Former US. Anyway you've probably got the DollarTree(r),
or better dollar stores in your 'hood. So I think you should seek out this cheap alarm gizmo, and see if you can hack it to fit into your rocket.